Angelfish, or Pterophyllum- the Latin name, is from a family of Cichlidae. Native in South America, they are now bred in Saigon Aquarium in many varieties.


The smallest size to keep Angelfish should be 113 liters of water. Larger fish need at least 208 litter aquariums. Good filtration is required.

Water conditions:

Angelfish from Saigon Aquarium accommodate well with the water tap, after chlorine treatment.


Since angelfish are omnivorous, they can eat both plant-based or animal-based food, from frozen to live. The feeding should last within 1 minute. Longer feeding time is not recommended.


Angelfish are not active swimmers. They are peaceful but can be aggressive sometimes. They tend to be territorial during the time of breeding. Because the angelfish prey on smaller fishes, putting small-sized fishes, or any fishes that fit Angelfish month should be avoided. Their tank mate should not be more aggressive than them. The ideal tank mates could be Platies, Cichlids,

Pterophyllum scalare Gold

Pterophyllum scalare Koi Long

Pterophyllum scalare Map

Pterophyllum scalare Marble Diamond ligh

Pterophyllum scalare Striped

Angel Gold Albino

Angel Blue Zebra

Angel White

Angel White Long Fin

Angel Marble Longfin

Pterophyllum Scalare Marble Longfin

Angel Stripe Bicolor

Angel Black

Angel Koi

Angel Mix

Pterophyllum Scalare Leopard Angel