Barb come from a ray-finned fish family the non-phylogenetic group, including two of the most common species in aquarium Barbus and Puntius. Besides them, there are many other species in the Cyprinidae family.


Barb fish prefer medium size to big sized aquarium, minimum aquarium size should be able to hold 80 litres of water. Maintain good filtration and change 10% of the water weekly or 25% every 2 weeks. Keep the lid on the aquarium to prevent them from jumping out.

Water conditions:

Barb fish from Saigon Aquarium accommodate well to tap water, after chlorine treatment.

Range of pH: 6.5 – 8.0

Water temperature: appx 26˚C – 28˚C


Most barb fish are omnivorous.They feed well on both frozen and live food. For best results, change their diet daily and feed them only what they can consume under 2 minutes, once or twice a day. Do not overfeed or leave food leftover in the tank, as it causes ammonia and nitrite and becomes toxic.


Most barb fish are small, colorful, active and ideally suited for a community aquarium. Barbs are semi-aggressive fish when housed in the aquarium individually, so it is important to maintain each species in groups of six or more for them to be peaceful tank mates.

rosy bard longfin web

Capoetra Tetrazona Tiger Barb Green

Capoetra Tetrazona Tiger Barb

Rosy Gold Barb

Capoetra Tetrazona Gold Barb

Capoetra Tetrazona Tiger Barb

Puntius Titteya